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  • Album Creation & Its CRUD (v2022.09.30)
  • Library APIs with Favourites, Hidden & Trash (v2022.09.30)
  • Get All Places from Photos & its Collection (v2022.10.31)
  • Authentication Mechanisms & User Management (v2022.12.31)
  • Basic API for File Upload & Getting MediaItems (v2022.12.31)
  • Get Places & its Collection (v2023.04.30)
  • Demos including deployment & hosting techniques (v2023.06.30)
  • Storage options like Amazon S3, Minio, etc. (v2023.06.30)
  • Get Machine Learning Powered Things & its Collection (v2023.07.31)
  • Get Machine Learning Powered Search (v2023.07.31)
  • Sharing Collections of Photos & Videos (v2023.07.31)
  • Get Machine Learning Powered Faces & People Collection (v2023.08.31)
  • Planning recurrent upgrades of third party libraries (v2023.08.31)
  • Open up for contributions to build Mobile & Web Application (v2023.08.31)
  • Enhance Image & Video Support (v2024.03.09)
  • Improvements to E2E Test Suite (v2024.03.09)
  • Sync content from Social Media Websites (v2024.07.31)
  • Generation of Memories (v2024.07.31)